"Metal architecture, as a homage to Jean Prouvé. More than a partition, but a constructive system, where the joints disappear into the folds of the metal. The corrugated an lacquered system is pierced regularly like a punch card or a music score. The wall becomes a device of infinite potential that can be fitted with a comprehensive array of shelves and accessories."
Jean Nouvel

Hook is not merely a structural partition but a true, contemporary icon featuring an elegant, recognizable design that’s sufficient in itself to provide identity and visual impact to the entire office by cladding it with rational style.

The hook wall system proposes strictly simple formal and stylistic values inspired by the poetic essence of Jean Nouvel.

The partition becomes a continuous wall, and the wall turns into a dynamic device that can be fitted with a whole range of doors, glazed elements and accessories, all specially designed by Jean Nouvel for comfortable living in the office.

The wall is no longer just a merely passive, conventional partition, but an exclusive furnishing element for storing, filing, exhibiting, communicating and supporting.

Fully made of recycled and recyclable materials, hook provides a surprising sound insulating and sound absorption performance. Its fire reaction and resistance classification is also excellent.

As well as perfect integration with the wiring systems, the wall can also be outfitted as a radiant heat unit so that the microclimatic conditions in the rooms can be controlled. 

Elegant lines, the numberless designer effects that can be achieved with its high quality, new generation components plus the limitless ways in which it can be equipped, make hook the right system for application contexts that reach beyond the mere office environment.

An efficient, sustainable and safe building system.