At a time in which technology can do away with space, offices can be anywhere. The Methis goal is to provide such spaces with a new context, convinced that it is only through their conception that the identity of the company can be strengthened, i.e. interpreting and reinforcing the customer’s own identity by creating and optimizing the project of the architect, its consultant.
Metal architecture, as a homage to Jean Prouvé. More than a partition, but a constructive system, where the joints disappear into the folds of the metal. The corrugated an lacquered system is pierced regularly like a punch card or a music score. The wall becomes a device of infinite potential that can be fitted with a comprehensive array of shelves and accessories."

Jean Nouvel
From space planning to the supply of evolved systems for the contemporary office, Methis listens to the customer’s ideas, develops and integrates them into a project in which the customer itself is the protagonist.
Dialogue, which is considered a real added value, is one of the principles on which the Methis mentality is founded. Methis considers Customers and Suppliers, Architects and Facility Managers, Employees and Associates to be a wealth of sensitivity, culture and experience that gives the cue for new projects and solutions.


Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology is a company manufacturing various kind of electronic devices, from computers to communication and power management devices.Main office is in the United States and thanks to Methis dealer “1722 StudioLab” in Rumania, [...] [...]
Mission to Dubai
Methis has been selected to participare to the institutional and entrepreneurial mission of internationalization, sponsored by the Emilia Romagna region which took place last October in Dubai.Organizers: Di Francia Advisors srl in association with Di [...] [...]
Purchase of the business unit
On October 18th 2018, Methis OfficeLab purchased office furniture and partition wall branch from Coopsette in liquidation.Images show the official event of the signatures, in presence of the notary, between Coopsette liquidator and Methis OfficeLab [...] [...]