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Tour Manhattan
La Défense, Parigi - Francia
Customer: Sopra Group
Designer Studio: Studio A.A.V., Annecy
Locality:  La Défense, Paris - France
Furnishing solutions: Evoplan, Evotech, Clover, CN, Ivy

The project by Studio A.A.V. concerned the furnishing layouts on three stories of the Tour Manhattan.
The original project of Tour Manhattan (1975, Arch. Michel Herbert and Arch. Michel Proux) envisaged the construction of two semi-curving towers opposite each other that were then joined together when they were built. This creates a peculiar sensation in the visitor, who could end up by going round and round unless he uses the nearby towers as a reference in order to keep his bearings. With this peculiarity as a starting point, the layout for over 500 operative and executive workstations intensified the symmetric asymmetry of the half-towers through the use of lightly decorated glazed partitions giving a constant view outside while providing an adequate degree of privacy. Open-space areas and meeting zones alternate with each other with an apparently repetitive rhythm but always with different details that turn a potentially destabilizing context into a friendly one.
Evosystem storage walls and partitions, Clover furnishings and Ivy Chairs are the Methis products used for this project. Customized products subjected to the strict controls required by French law for the “I.G.H.” (Immeubles Grande Hauteur).