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Milano - Italia
Customer: SYDEMA
Design Studio: Open Studio Architetti – Milano
Location: Milan – Italy
Products supplied: 200 sqm. single and double plate Evoplus partition; 70 sqm. Partition walls with sound absorbing; 40 sqm. Evoexecutive partition wall with ceramic panels; 110 sqm of EvoExecutive storage wall; no 110 operative / executive workstations; n. 10 meeting rooms;

Sydema - Systems Development Management - is a software house that deals with the study and development of IT solutions able to support the business of the Banking field, analisying organization processes. Alongside the development of software dedicated to the world of financial intermediaries, Sydema has expanded its offer with consultancy projects to the insurance sector and to debt collection companies.
The continuous attention to the evolution of the Information Technology and the constant professional updating, guaranteed by the continuous investments in technology and training, make Sydema a state-of-the-art company.
The interior design project of the new headquarters in Milan, studied by Open Studio Architetti based in Milano, conveys the modernity of the company with the utmost attention to the wellbeing of workers.
Since the early design stages, Methis has provided its designers with the know-how in terms of space planning and the study of specific design solutions relating to both partitions and workstations. Very interesting is the use of portions of partition walls that separate the open space areas from the corridor and at the same time allow optimal wiring management for the open plan workstations.
Great importance has been given to the acoustic comfort within the office environments. The goal of acoustic well-being has been achieved using sound-absorbing micro-perforated mdf panels with wood finish both for the partition walls and for workstations screens. A multiple table has been created in the main meeting room using DeltaExecutive desks with wood tops and a wall cladding having sound-absorbing panels that holds a plasma screen for projections.
For the executive rooms, refined stylistic solutions have been chosen, using decorated ceramic or walnut wood both for wall cladding and worktops of the DeltaExecutive desks.
Despite this is a high digitalized company, the reduced need of archieve has been solved using full height custom made storage walls to divide some offices and Filesystem cabinets to satisfy the personal archive linked to the bench stations.
Interesting graphic elements that recall circuits of electronic boards or microchips decorate and delimit the privacy of glazed partition walls or create an unexpected low-relief on partitions which are made of white lacquered panels.
The same decoration was used to create environmental screens that mark the consulting areas.
The project of the new Sydema headquarters communicates the corporate identity of a company dedicated to technological progress. Thanks to the flexibility that characterizes its structure, Methis has been able to effectively respond to the design and aesthetic intuitions of the designers and the client and has contributed to create functional and at the same time refined and pleasant working environments to live