The wall system with structural frames designed for executive offices and featuring partitions, storage walls and wall cladding. A comprehensive collection of quality finishes (ceramic, veneer, lacquered mdf and painted glass) gives life to harmonious and creative tailor-made offices with an extremely stylish look. It is also possible to create radically different "office worlds", each with its own specific character, by using, for instance:    

Graphic ceramics. The combination of black and white horizontal and vertical slats provides an essential and sober colour scheme that, unexpectedly, reveals a wealth of decorations and the beauty of the ceramics. 

Natural wood. Finishes in walnut and wengé bring character and a welcoming, embracing feel to any setting. These are top-of-the-range materials, ideal both for single-colour solutions and elegant combinations. The high-quality treatment of wall surfaces preserves all of the organic properties of the wood.
Vibrating glass. True liberty in the choice of colours provides total freedom in shaping evoexecutive, providing ever changing combinations that are never boring. The unexpected emotion of colours, filtered through the lightness of glass, gives the office a vibrating, lively feel.

Creative perspective. An interior designer can adapt these innovative partition walls to all sorts of projects and ideas. The modular grid allows maximum freedom in choosing the layout of walls, the materials, the colours and 3D thickness.

The walls with structural frames come in three diff erent types: partition wall for dividing up openplan areas, storage wall to link divisions with filing space and wall cladding.
Cabinets, suspended cabinets and equipable cabinets elegantly and functionally finish off a complete system that conforms to CE marking.