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Torino - Italia
Designer Studio: Archilabs
Locality:  Torino - Italy
Furnishing solutions: Evosystem, Delta

The project for enlarging the Deltatre corporate headquarters is decidedly creative and original. The corporate philosophy, based on values linked to the world of sport, i.e. drive, dedication, passion and innovation, was interpreted in settings differing from the classic workstation.
The layout created by the designer studio opted for a dynamic alternation of workstations and modern “convivial” areas. True to the underlying concept inspired by the world of sport, graphic and screen-printed elements were used in the “game areas” to underscore the idea of sports ground settings.
Dictated mainly by the need to assure highly comfortable surroundings, the materials used to create the interior design were chosen for their ability to achieve the utmost acoustic efficiency.
Methis provided an essential contribution towards attaining this goal as, besides the furnishings (desks, pedestals, cabinets), it also supplied all the partition walls characterized by optimum acoustic performance and tailor-made spine-wall configurations with sound-absorbent panels in the open space areas.